Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe

by Michael "Skitch" Schiciano

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LordZaghrem The lyrics and the music is amazing! Very much worth the two dollars it costs! I can't wait for the game to come out. I will be getting it for sure. Favorite track: Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe.
Opening (whispered): (Witches, bats, bones, and cats,) (Hope you're not afraid of that.) (Mummies, pumpkins, Frankensteins,) (All these scary things you'll find,) (Inside a world within a book,) (Come on in and take a look!) (You'll find the Creeps the best of chums,) (But something wicked this way comes!) Verse: In the land of Wickedopolis, An evil lurks that is disastrous; With a wave of his great hand, It sends a curse across the land! Golden pages ripped and torn, But the Creeps will face his scorn; To win the day they'll need a hand, From a mighty witch, they'll take a stand! Chorus: Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe, A grand adventure all around the haunted globe! So steel yourself for the fight, For monsters are your friend's tonight. Feel their power, And show your foes a true fright; Now it's time to go bump in the night; Face your fears or face their might! Creeps Roll-Call: (Draphael! Whiskers!) (Laguna! Golemmy!) (Jack-O-Laugh! Waxworth!) (Francis! Mumma!) (Isen! Lobones!) (Fiona!) Chorus: Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe, A grand adventure all around the haunted globe! Now restore the magic town, And overthrow the Boogieman's crown, Through the magic, Of Fiona's many gowns, And the bravest monsters around, Turn his mad scheme upside down!


This is the title theme for the upcoming action-platformer 'Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe,' which features the titular Fiona Frightening journeying through the various worlds within Wickedopolis after a grand curse is invoked by The Boogieman. In her adventure, Fiona will encounter the various Creeps, who aid her by granting magical dresses for her Wicked Wardrobe.

This theme is meant to convey not only the general spooky nature of the game's world, but introduce the listener to the plot and cast, all wrapped up in a whimsical orchestral package, and featuring singing by Steven Kelly -

The writing for this work was a collaboration between Michael 'Skitch' Schiciano (Music, Mixing, Mastering), and Alex Tansley (Lyrics), who both hope that you enjoy this music as much as they enjoyed writing it.

Special Thanks to the Fans, the Followers, and, of course, the Creeps:
Anthony Sardinha as Draphael, Ellie Monty as Whiskers, Patrick Seymour as Laguna, Scott Frerichs as Golemmy, Kyle Land as Jack-o-Laugh, Lewis Lovehaug as Sir Waxworth, Curtis Arnott as Francis, Corrine Sudberg as Mumma, Chase McCaskill as Isen, Edwyn Tiong as Los Lobones, Alex Rochon as The Boogieman...

...and Heidi Tabing as Fiona


released October 31, 2015

Music, Mixing, and Mastering by: Michael 'Skitch' Schiciano
Lyrics by: Alex Tansley
Vocals by: Steven Kelly


all rights reserved



Michael "Skitch" Schiciano Orlando, Florida

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